About Ive

  Ivonne was born in 1978 and grew up in Leipzig/ East Germany. After her studies she lived and worked close to Munich for the next ten years. Next to yoga, trekking, and photography, traveling had always been one of her passions. But it was not until 2009 when she traveled outside of Europe for the first time (to Nepal) that she became immediately infected with overwhelming wanderlust.

  Back in Germany she regularly met an old lady named Erna, who introduced her to Tibetan Buddhism and to Ladakh  - a region in the Western Indian Himalayas.

One year later in 2010, Ivonne spent 3 weeks in Ladakh – it was love at first sight. But during her last night she witnessed a cloudburst and heavy rainfalls. Flash floods all over Ladakh destroyed houses, fields, roads and bridges, and killed more than 250 people. Erna, who had become an intimate friend, died in autumn that same year.

Both incidents made her finally realize - life is short and when you die, which can be very soon, you should die having no regrets. That's how it all began.....

 In January 2012 Ivonne turned her dream into life and started on an open end journey to different parts of the Himalayas and Southeast Asia, but especially falling in love with the people, the breathtaking landscape of Ladakh, and Buddhist art & philosophy.

do what you love what you do...